Welcome To Impact

"We focus your teams on delivering solutions that have been designed and approved by them. We coach them to implement your transformation programme in a consistent way to achieve your results."

Achieving measurable improvement so as to attain optimum performance is a primary aim within the private and public sector. You may be seeking an improvement strategy – or you may already have such a plan, but you need to know how to execute it. You may even know how to carry out your improvement strategy, but still need the right support and skills to guide you through the process. Whatever your requirements for private or public sector business improvement, rely on Impact Solutions (Europe) Ltd. to help you achieve your goals and measure your ongoing success against defined targets.

Returning Clarity to Business Improvement

Impact Solutions is a new and unique management consultancy that returns clarity of purpose and plain speaking to organisational improvement, helping you achieve your aims quickly, efficiently and effectively.

For too long, management consultancies have used high-level strategies, standard business models and excessive jargon to deliver proposals for organisational improvement. Sometimes clients simply can’t execute or sustain strategies because goals are identified but there are no clear instructions; on the other hand, instructions may be unclear, hard to apply – or simply unworkable.

Defined Targets – Clear Actions

At Impact Solutions, we take a different appraoch to business improvement. Based on defined targets and clear actions, we ensure improvements are delivered through your line organisation, whilst continued measurement and communication of progress against targets become integral to your working life.

Work with us and your ultimate goals plus required actions will be clear to all. Then, you can assess and measure ongoing achievements as a result of line management delivering and reporting throughout the process of business change.


A Heritage of Expertise

Impact Solutions is owned and managed by Graham Salters, whose 20 years’ industrial experience includes major business turn-around projects in Europe, North America and the Far East. Graham has worked for blue-chip companies as an Operations Manager and has managed European operations for major consultancies – and, on many occasions whilst still in industry, has been the recipient of consultancy support.

That’s why he and the team at Impact Solutions know precisely what works, as well as how business change should be executed and measured. Our first-hand experience as a consultancy client is one of the foundations of our pragmatic, hands-on and results-led approach to successful consultancy. At Impact our team consists of industry and operational experts, we do not use graduates and we do not use career consultants.